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    David Lambert 1948 — 2017

    James David Lambert, 68, of Altamonte Springs, Fla., passed away May 16, 2017. He was born on August 18, 1948 in Hammond, La., to Corbet and Mina Lambert.

    An instructor biography on the North American Towing Academy states: “He entered the towing industry in 1982 as an operator. In 1986 he was hired by AAA, wrote the AAA Towing Manual for nine years and developed the AAA Light-Duty training program and the AAA Instructor Training Program. In 2004, David founded the North American Towing Academy (NATA), instructing in light-, medium- and heavy-duty towing and recovery.

    “He has trained and certified over 5,000 students in the past 12 years. His training has been sponsored by state towing associations, motor clubs, individual towing companies and state agencies. (more…)

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    Blessing Celebration/Tribute for NRC HIM

    We recently added an NRC 60/80SR HIM (Heavy Incident Manager) to our fleet. For many years Bill Jackson has been a huge influence on my desire to seek out training as a professional towing and recovery operator, and cross training with other emergency service agencies.

    In 2016 I was offered an opportunity to become an NRC trainer, and for that I feel very thankful. When we were getting this HIM, I asked Bruce Jackson if I could dedicate this unit to his father, Bill Jackson, and he gave us his approval.

    We had a blessing celebration on March 12, 2017, which featured the traditional Chinese lion dance, which was extra special to our family as my youngest son, Kolton (age 8), was the head of one of the two lions that performed the blessing.

    Kenneth Tom

    Advanced Towing & Recovery

    Advanced Crane & Rigging

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    Editor’s Note: The Tow Times April issue featured tributes to the late industry trainer and educator Bill Jackson.

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    Macie is an 11-year-old Beagle that loves being at the shop and riding in the tow trucks at R&L Towing & Repair Vermontville, N.Y. She’s has been coming to the shop every day since she was a puppy.

    Macie is our personal (and exceptional) door greeter. She loves to see all the people and greet them as they enter the shop. Macie is your everyday Beagle, but with a passion for coming to work. She is our #1 shop dog.

    In business since 1992, R&L Towing & Repair is a family-operated business.

    Caitlin Jones, Office Manager

    Roger Symonds Jr., Vice President

    R&L Towing & Repair

    Vermontville, N.Y.

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Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association Bill Signed into Law

The Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association (APTRA) announced on May 9 that governor signed a bill the association introduced. An APTRA press release states:

“At the beginning of the legislative session, APTRA introduced House Bill 2159 that would clearly define proof of ownership, a release of liability at incident scenes, and clean up the language for transfer of ownership. On May 2, the governor signed the bill into law. There was additional language regarding abandoned vehicles added on in the end. It is a great win for towers. Please click on the link to read the bill. Thank you to the legislative committee for their dedication to this process and to the lobbyist who worked diligently on this bill to get it passed.”


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