Fellow Tower Needs Help

    Save our SamiThe following is a message from Joseph Saladino, president of Prompt Towing of Punta Gorda, Fla.

    “Junior of Red’s OK Towing in Ft. Myers, Fla., is asking for some help. His 6-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with a rare blood disease. It is a curable disease but only through a bone marrow transplant.

    “Please go to Google and search ‘Save our Sami’. After so many hits through the Google website, they (Google) will donate a portion of money to the cause. They will also help by using their web base in finding a donor. (more…)

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    DragsterDragster, a Welsh Corgi, loves to ride in our wreckers and is convinced that the small “blind spot” window in most heavy-duty wreckers was invented for Corgis to look through.

    He loves to greet everyone who comes in the door, bark at motorcycles and put the air ride seat all the way up so he can look around.

    Bailee Hennis

    B&B Wrecker and Recovery, Inc.

    Midland, Texas


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Industry News

CAA Provides Assistance to Tow Truck Families
CAA Provides Assistance to Tow Truck Families

CAA Manitoba President, Mike Mager (left) and club representatives hand over a 2014 donation to Randy Olson, director of the Survivor Trust Fund in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Back row, from left: Doug McLendon (AAA Automotive), Stephen Chan (AMA), Yvonne Blais (CAA-Quebec), Dave Steventon (CAA National), Frank Fotia (CAA National), Kevin Lane (CAA Saskatchewan), Chris Stamp (CAA South Central Ontario), Ken Cousin (BCAA), Carl Wilson (CAA Atlantic), Thomas Bayer (CAA Manitoba), Bill Willard (CAA Niagara).

In recognition of the dangers associated with the towing profession, the Canadian Automobile Association has made a donation to a fund that supports families of tow truck drivers killed on the job.

Late last year, Jason Schaffer of Accel Towing and Transport in Brandon, Manitoba, was killed while hooking up a vehicle on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway. The vehicle moved forward, rolling over Jason while he was under the vehicle.

“As Canada’s largest provider of roadside assistance, CAA understands the risks faced every day by tow truck operators,” said Mike Mager, president of CAA Manitoba. “That is why we are pleased to do our part to help the families of those who have lost a loved one.”

CAA donates $2,250 annually to the Survivor Fund of the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum. The Survivor Fund was established to benefit families, such as the Schaffers, who lost a loved one while aiding the motoring public.

In the case of the Schaffers, CAA also matched the Survivor Fund’s donation to the family dollar for dollar.

“Not many Canadians realize how dangerous it is to be a tow truck operator,” Mager said. “Imagine doing your job while having vehicles zip by you only a few feet away at 100 km/h [over 60 mph] — this is a daily reality for tow truck operators.”

Industry estimates suggest that as many as 100 or more tow truck operators are killed annually while on the job in North America.

CAA Clubs continue to work with provincial authorities to promote the need for “Slow Down Move Over” legislation to protect all roadside assistance workers.

More information about the Survivor Fund visit www.thesurvivorfund.com.


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