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    A Milestone Crossed

    Reds Rollen Garage crossed a milestone in 2018. On May 31, 1998, Red Brabham, who founded the company with his wife, passed away of a sudden heart attack. Left with three children to feed and a business to run, Tammi, who was only 35 years old at the time, picked up the pieces and drove on.

    Tammi and family has grown the company to include Red’s Auto Center and Red’s Truck Center, as well as an ever growing family and fleet of tow trucks.

    Last year marked 20 years since the passing of Red, but Red’s is still growing strong.

    Reds Rollen Garage

    Bidwell and Gallipolis, Ohio


    Editor’s Note: Reds Rollen Garage operates a fleet of light- to heavy-duty trucks offering towing, recovery, roadside service, hazardous materials clean-up and heavy equipment hauling.


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    We are new subscribers and enjoy the entire magazine but the Tow Dog section is especially near and dear to our hearts. We proudly present Dudley, who is often seen riding shotgun in our flatbed tow truck. In fact, one D in our company name, D & D Transport, stands for Dudley. (By the way, the other D stands for Dave, the owner/driver.)

    Dudley is so much a part of the company that we had his name lettered on the door. He needs a lesson in customer service though, because he can get cranky if a customer takes his seat.

    D & D Transport serves the Farmington, Maine, area with flatbed towing services.

    Dee LaPlant

    D & D Transport

    New Sharon, Maine

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Industry News

Hino Trucks Expands Certified Ultimate Dealer Network

Hino Trucks announces the expansion of its Certified Ultimate dealer network with the addition of eight dealers. With the addition of these new dealerships, Hino’s Certified network now includes more than 25 dealerships operating nationwide.

Creating an outstanding dealer network requires investments by both Hino and a certified dealer. In addition to hardware and tooling, they also include training, providing superior customer service by focusing on the Ultimate Ownership Experience through continuous improvements in processes, training and dealership appearance.

Congratulations to the following newly-inducted Certified Ultimate Dealerships:

Interstate Trucksource, Inc Romulus, MI Bergey’s Truck Center Souderton, PA

Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. Jamaica, NY Potomac Truck Center Gainesville, VA

Hino of Baton Rouge Port Allen, LA Rush Truck Center Houston, TX

Flag City Truck Findlay, OH Degel Truck Center St. Louis, MO

Susan Cassidy, Vice President and General Manager of Interstate Trucksource, Inc. said, “We appreciate the working relationship between the great people at Hino Trucks and the staff at both of our Hino dealerships. It is important to align our goals with those of our OEM at all levels. An example of such an alignment is achieving the Certified Ultimate Dealer status. We worked hard as a dealership team to attain this level and the benefits are clearly visible. Our enhanced ability to properly take care of our customers benefits both us and our OEM.”

Mark Dysarz, Sr. Manager of Dealer Development for Hino Trucks added, “It takes commitment, investment, and embracing continuous improvement to become Certified Ultimate. It is remarkable to see our program candidates transform their dealer operations through the acceptance process and almost immediately benefit.”

For more information about Hino trucks visit

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