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Attaching Winch Lines to Tow Eye Bolts

When attaching the winch line directly to the tow eye bolt, position the bolt so it is parallel to the ground and insert the winch line with the hook tip facing up. Watch the bolt during the loading process as the twist or angle of the winch line could cause the bolt to unscrew. On…

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Old Red

Legends aren’t born, they are built over time. So started the building process of a Cass County legend. It rolled off the assembly line in Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1956. International Harvester, long known for building farm equipment, started building trucks in the early 1900s. Trucks designed to work — and work hard. Trucks designed…

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While towing equipment manufacturers offer several styles of carrier beds for low clearance vehicles, a good operator needs to have a variety of tools available to make the job easier and safer. With sling tow trucks, all you needed to get the job done was a set of towing chains and a couple of 4x4s.…

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Remembering Mandy: One Friend’s Fight to Never Forget

Everyone who held the newspaper on Oct. 1,2007 thought she was so beautiful; fiery red hair, bright blue eyes, smiling, full of life. But Michelle had always known that about Amanda Frizzley, her best friend, her sister really, she says. Michelle didn’t want to pick up the paper, but she did, because she had to…

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Bill Bottoms

It has been rumored that Bill Bottoms took a roll of butcher paper and laid it up against one of Gerry Holmes’ new Century wreckers to make a copy that he went on to sell to the City of Chicago.

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