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2019 Shine ‘n Star Contest Winners and More

The Tow Times November issue features the winning trucks from all categories of the 2019 Shine ‘n Star Contest. The first place winners of each category will also be featured in upcoming issues of Tow Times magazine. The Shine ‘n Star Contest is sponsored by Tow Times and powered by Ford Trucks. This special issue also…

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The Tow Times Annual SourceBook Buyer’s Guide and More

The Tow Times September issue contains the industry’s best buyer’s guide to products, services, distributors, accessories and everything towing and recovery. Use it throughout the year as a handy reference. This issue also features a Q&A with industry leaders on the top concerns in facing the towing industry, a federal mandate requiring a review of…

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Wheel-lift and Car Carrier Loading and More

The Tow Times August issue features info for proper loading and securement in “WreckMaster’s Car Carrier Basics” and “5 Wheel-lift Loading Tips” by Peter Fuerst of the International Institute of Towing and Recovery. The article “Used Truck Market Remains Strong as Economic Growth Continues” reviews the current used tow truck market including which type of…

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Towing Operator Safety and More

The Tow Times June issue focuses on safety with top 10 crash avoidance tips, teaching safety in the workplace and safety measures towing operators can use on the job. This issue also includes a look at how tires are a critical foundation for any tow truck. Tire selection, maintenance and brands are some of the…

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Heavy-Duty Trends, Accessories and More

The Tow Times May issue focuses on industry trends in heavy recovery, and heavy recovery accessories featured in the Tow Times Recovery Review department in 2018. There’s also tips on backing a tow truck safely, and “invoicing red flags,” with information on how to avoid heavy-duty invoicing items that can create delays in getting paid.…

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Racing Special, Mobile Video Systems, Tow Eye Bolts and More

The Tow Times February issue revs up with a special racing feature that focuses how the track recovery team at Charlotte Motor Speedway puts their Dynamic towing equipment to work, how fleet owners benefit from video camera systems on their trucks, the history, purpose and advantages of tow eye bolts and the recovery of an…

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