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Oklahoma Seeks to Eliminate Tow Storage Charges for Crime Victims

Photo Credit: Steve Johnson Recently published stories indicate that crime victims have gained a sympathetic ear with certain regulators at local and state levels regarding payment of towing and storage fees after a stolen vehicle is found. The argument goes that crime victims shouldn’t have to pay such fees. And in Oklahoma, for instance, the…

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Some States Focus on Move Over Violators

Photo Credit: Charlie Deets Several towing-related bills have popped up in legislatures across the country, and at least three proposals are connected to Move Over laws from New Hampshire to West Virginia. Towing operators increasingly are critical of Move Over laws and enforcement, stating: they don’t do enough to protect tow truck drivers or operators…

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New Year Means New Laws Go into Effect

Photo Credit: Helloquence The start of a new year often brings with it new laws that are enacted – in California alone more than 1,000 new laws entered the books at the start of the year, but even in smaller states such as Tennessee new laws numbered 30, according to news reports. The laws run…

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State Legislatures Back in Session

Photo Credit: Claire Anderson About 42 states will kick off legislative sessions in January, tolling the bell for individuals and industries that want to get important issues before their elected officials or accomplish something at the state level. In case towing company owners and operators missed it, predatory towing has been much in the news…

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