STEEP Dispatch Training Program


Are your dispatchers making you money?

That’s the question Mike Porter, CEO of Speed’s Enterprises in Portland, Oregon, asked himself years ago after overhearing a dispatcher suggest another towing company when Speed’s was busy.

“I really evaluated what role dispatchers should play in a towing company and decided they should be sales people as well as dispatchers,” Porter says. “But they need to be taught how to sell and best represent the company.”

So Porter created STEEP, a dispatch training program that focuses on Smile, Tone, Empathy, Engagement and Politeness. The goal of STEEP is to improve the dispatching experience for customers and dispatchers and help dispatchers recognize leads and turn them into sales.

A Dale Carnegie graduate, Porter is a national guest speaker on topics of leadership, sales techniques and business profitability. He will be addressing how to turn your dispatch department into a profit center at the 2019 Tow Summit. For more information contact him at