Life in the Slow Lane


Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

I think I’m in the slow lane when it comes to figuring out how to get the best benefits from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. When it comes to learning new and updated technology, the fact that I’m in a lane at all is a plus in my mind.

I wonder if people felt the same way during the Industrial Revolution — first in England, then the U.S. It was a time of rapid changes in manufacturing and transportation. Many things that were done by hand, were suddenly being done by machines.

It’s almost mind-boggling when you begin to realize all of the things that we use to do by hand are now done for us by machines and/or apps on smart phones. As they say, there’s an app for almost anything today. It seems the cell phone has become an extension of the hand — never put down and constantly looked at.

I believe the component missing in all of these changes is the human and emotional factor. You can use an emoji to let people know how you feel, but you can’t hear hurt, frustration, excitement, etc. in their voices. But then again, do emotions really factor in how towing operators try to take care of customers? Today, many people would rather not bother to physically talk to someone — you send an email or text. Sometimes I get frustrated when I can’t talk to a real person.

The towing and recovery industry is no different when it comes to technological changes. Lots of communicating call information is done through tablets, laptops and smart phones — never really talking to a person.

I think I’ll be in the slow lane for a while yet. I need an emoji of a turtle.