Going to the Dentist


Going to the dentist is one of my least favorite things. I tell my dentist that I don’t have anything against her personally, it’s just not a great experience. That big needle to numb you, then the drilling, the little suction tube making the gurgling noise, and then the shock of how much it costs is enough to make you want to cancel the appointment — but the pain of a toothache doesn’t give you a choice.

I just had a cavity filled and I’m wondering why am I still getting cavities at my age? As I sat in the chair waiting for the affected area to become numb and anticipating all that needed to be done (yuck), I thought that this is what the consumer must feel like when they need a tow truck or roadside service. Like me calling the dentist to help with my toothache, they dread making the phone call. It’s the “Why me, why now?” syndrome. You know you can’t fix it yourself and you need to call a professional.

After the procedure was done I asked the dentist what she thought was the best new technology that’s helped her in her profession. She mentioned the goggles she wears with a high-powered LED light, digital x-rays and she said there’s new technology that will scan  teeth for impressions — no more “goo in the trays.”

Like the dental industry, the towing and recovery industry has come a long way in equipment technology to help us do our jobs more efficiently. I think we need to concentrate on the end result of going to the dentist — or calling a tow truck. While it may be painful in the beginning, it sure feels good after all is said and done, right?

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