Even the Route Guy


Photo Credit: Lidya Nada

My uniform route man, or route guy, has the most upbeat attitude and sunny outlook on life of anyone I know. But this morning I could tell the nasty weather we’ve been having has affected even him. He said he’s been putting in so many hours his wife has been complaining and he’s had enough. The only good thing, he said, was the fact he was taking the weekend off to go to an indoor water park with his family.

I too say “enough already.” We had near 40-degree temps yesterday and today we’re back down to zero and below-zero wind chills. It’s a good thing the sun is out to give us a little vitamin D because there sure are a lot of crabby people out there – me included.

But I believe the route guy has it right. You need something fun or relaxing to look forward to — to get you through. Mentally and physically, you can only take so much and then you need to take some time to re-charge.

I told my husband I was sorry I didn’t get him anything for Valentine’s Day and he said that was okay because he didn’t get me anything either.

“But you have me,

he added. I had a laugh. We had planned on going out to dinner, and all day I was waiting for the call that translates to: “Too bad you had dinner plans — you need to take this call – ha ha.” But fortunately that didn’t happen and we were able to have a nice dinner with a delicious chocolate dessert. Chocolate helps me deal with a lot.

I know many in the towing and recovery industry have been feeling the pressures of being beyond busy, and while I know that it’s hard to take time off, be like my route guy — just do it.