Carpenters Auto Repair Inc. in Chesapeake City, Md. sent in this photo of their “tow/shop dog” Daisy, a Chihuahua/wired haired terrier mix. “Daisy has been riding and working with us for 15 years in May,” Susan Carpenter wrote.

As Daisy’s photo was scheduled to appear in this issue of Tow Times, we contacted Carpenters Auto Repair Inc. and learned that, sadly, Daisy had to be put down April 14 after suffering seizures and deteriorating health.

A rescue dog since she was 12 weeks old, “She was a mascot of our business,” Susan said, “a happy-go-lucky little dog. She had no aggression and had the run of the shop. The customers loved to see her.”
This Tow Dog is a tribute to Daisy.