Care and Maintenance of Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Graphics


Owners Of Wrapped Vehicles Are Not Properly Cleaning Them

It surprises me how often I see or hear about wraps that aren’t cared for properly — or cared for at all — especially when the wraps are being used to advertise a business. I’ve heard stories from wrap companies that had to do a repair six months after the wrap was installed and found that the grease pencil marks used by the installer for alignment were still on the vehicle — a very good indication that

the owner/driver of the wrapped vehicle is not cleaning the wrap.

Why Clean

Regular cleaning not only helps keep the wrap looking good longer, it provides a better advertisement for a business. Just think: If someone doesn’t care enough to clean their company vehicle, what kind of work can you expect them to do for you?

In my role as senior technical specialist at Avery Dennison Graphic Solutions, I’m regularly asked how to clean and maintain vinyl graphics such as a decal or a full-vehicle wrap. This article will address why it’s important, the benefits of cleaning vehicle wraps and graphics and recommended cleaning methods…

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