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A Touch of Class

May 5th, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

On the bug shield of one of the first tow trucks we had — a black F350, Holmes Pro Tech equipped with one of the first wheel-lifts — we painted the words A Touch of Class. Black was not the best color choice as we found out in trying to keep it clean, but boy, did it shine up nice and to me, it truly showed some class. It certainly was a step up from the used equipment we used to have.

I had a disturbing, reality-check conversation with a fellow tower who I would describe as having a touch of class. This tow operator has been in the towing business all his life and is someone I consider to be exceptional at what he does, both at work and his home life. He is a true professional in all aspects, from the way he dresses, to the way he works a rolled-over wreck, to the way he is as a boss. He has the image and work ethic that – as an industry – we are trying to show the motoring public that we have.

He told me of a situation where he found himself in a group of business men, all dressed in suits, discussing the companies they worked for and what jobs they had. He said when he explained to them he was a tow operator, the look they gave him made him feel like something with a bad smell entered the room, that somehow, because of his profession, in their eyes he was less important and of a lower class. He told me he was so tired of how people perceive tow operators, and the industry.

I agreed with him as I have experienced the same reaction myself. Many times, I’ve answered the phone only to have the caller ask to talk to “one of the guys.” Guess I only qualify to answer the phone — not answer their questions.

As members of the towing and recovery industry, we can’t let this type of attitude get to us. We must always educate and show the public we definitely are and have, A Touch of Class.