WTRAA Scholarship Committee Announces 2019 WTRAA Scholarship Recipients


The Women of the Towing & Recovery Association of America (WTRAA) is an auxiliary organization for the Towing & Recovery Association of American (TRAA).  Since 1990, under the TRAA Education Foundation, the WTRAA Scholarship Fund Committee has awarded scholarships to students affiliated with the towing and recovery industry.

The WTRAA Scholarship Committee has announced and congratulates the following 2019 WTRAA Scholarship recipients:

Ethan Gutzmer, John Hawkins II Award, $1,500 — University of Wisconsin-Platteville

John Nelson, Jr., Ann Malcolm Award, $2,500 — New York University

Rachelle Marshall, $800 — University of Central Florida

Julia Rose Tantare, $1,500 — Seattle University

Shaianne Turner, $1,000 — Limestone College

For individuals interested in applying in 2020, look for the WTRAA Scholarship Application to run in the Spring edition of the TRAA – Towing & Recovery Association of America’s news publication.

The WTRAA Scholarship Committee members are Geri Roskopf, chair, Katie Gratzianna, Kaileigh Kupchin and Jessica Kuntz, advisor.