What’s Your Style?


I was reading the article “Car Carrier Accessories” in the latest issue of Tow Times magazine and the word “accessories” caught my attention because, as you know, women like to add accessories to show their fashion style.

Accessories for a fashion statement are, for the most part, used as a decorative item to supplement one’s outfit. Jewelry such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces, shoes and handbags or purses add color, class and style to an outfit. Accessories can create a certain look, but also be practical. For example, women use a purse to carry essential items such as a wallet, phone, etc., and a hat and gloves protect against the elements.

When a towing company purchases a car carrier, flatbed or rollback, the article suggested accessories to equip the trucks to perform optimally to increase efficiency, safety and revenue.

Lighting, skates, tie-downs, car carrier dollies, tool/storage boxes, wheel dress-up and towing adapters were listed with a specific description as to why these accessories would be beneficial to have on your car carrier.

All great suggestions, for sure. The wheel dress-up using wheel simulators seems to be the only suggestion for a type of “bling,” because they “add shine and flair to a truck.”

That’s a sort of fashion accessory when equipping a new car carrier.

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