Tow Buddy for Towing Bobtail Trucks


The Tow Buddy is a heavy-duty wrecker fifth-wheel hitch with a kingpin. It can be easily mounted on the wrecker’s wheel-lift crossbar in less than a minute. Simply back the wrecker up with the Tow Buddy’s kingpin into the fifth wheel of a bobtail truck and the rear end of the truck can be lifted.

If necessary, attach axle chains to prevent axles from dropping and damaging air bags. Also, depending on the situation, attach safety chains, tow lights and a steering strap to the bobtail.

Most trucks can be ready to tow in five to six minutes.

Hard-to-tow trucks like car haulers and other low-ground-clearance trucks, large-axle trucks and some newer trucks with disc brakes are now easy to tow.

Use it as a winch point on wrecked or bogged-down trucks to pull them to a position where they can be towed.

Although Tow Buddy debuted it’s product at the 2019 Florida Tow Show, owner and industry veteran Joey Castillow has invented several products over the years that, like the Tow Buddy, help to speed up the towing and recovery process. Since developing the Tow Buddy in 2015, Castillow has used it at his Monroeville, Ala., business.

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