Red Means Stop


My four-year-old niece was learning about symbols, so when I was in the car driving with her I would point out the golden arches and she would say, “McDonald’s.” Then we would stop at a stoplight and I would say, “red is for …” and she would say “stop.” Then I would say, “yellow is for …” and she would say “caution, slow down to stop.”  “Green is for …” and she would fill in the blank with “go.”

So if my four-year-old niece knew the meaning of stoplight colors, why doesn’t the motoring public? It’s like there are no longer rules at stoplights. Motorists go through red, amber and green — and don’t slow down.

I’d also like to know why so many cars seem to have broken blinkers, and when they see an arrow board indicating the lane will be closed up ahead they speed through to the very end and then you’re supposed to let them in to your lane.

As long as I am venting, why do motorists feel they can pass on the right-side gravel shoulder of a two-lane road because the semi in front they’re following is not going fast enough for them?

Where is the courtesy necessary to assure safety on the roadways? Does that little extra time really get you there faster? Is it a wonder there are more incidents of road rage?

Sometimes can’t believe the stories my tow operators about how motorists’ act. With summer and higher temperatures, I’m hoping tow operators will keep a cool head when faced with jerk drivers.

And I know tow operators understand what a red stoplight means.