New Year Attitude Adjustment


There are many different ways for adjustments in life. For example, you can adjust your journal entries, get a chiropractic adjustment, or adjust the seat and rearview mirror in your vehicle. For many, the new year adjustment an attitude adjustment. Me included.

Life is a mirror of our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. We all have different opinions and that’s what makes the world a great place, but if we regularly become annoyed because someone has a different viewpoint, I think we need to change the way we look at things.

You’ve heard the saying “put yourself in their shoes.” Imagining yourself in that person’s situation presents a better picture of where they’re coming from. Sometimes there is no right or wrong opinion, only a difference of opinion.

I bring up this topic because I’m concerned about the attitudes I see on various internet posts from the towing and recovery industry. For example, one tower was upset because another tower posted something in all caps. The first tower blasted — with not-so-nice language — the second tower for using all caps. I understand the etiquette of not using caps, it is like the person is shouting at you, and while this may be upsetting, did it really deserve such a nasty response? Couldn’t the first tower just write: “Hey, dude — stop writing in caps — it’s like you’re shouting at us.”

I know this might be a simple example of what’s being said out there, but I truly believe that if we in the towing and recovery industry don’t adjust our attitudes towards each other and pull together, the motoring public will not change their attitude towards us.

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