New Locking Simple Mounts from In The Ditch™


Each new Simple Mount from In The Ditch™ now comes with an updated locking pin that features an arrow indicator showing the pin’s orientation while locked inside the mount. The new Locking Simple Mount Comes are made from steel, come in three sizes and feature an Endurance powder coat black finish.

Each mount is sold individually, so two mounts will need to be ordered to make a set. The mounts will fit previous models of In The Ditch dollies.

A new Speed® Lock feature, which eliminates the wires previously used to store the locking pin and lynch clip with the mount, has also been added. A lynch clip or padlock is all that’s needed to store the locking pin in the unlocked position while the dolly is in use.

The new mounts also feature the new In The Ditch™ logo embossed on aluminum.

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