New Forms for Tennessee Vehicle Owner Verification


The following is a notice from the Tennessee Tow Truck Association:
“As many of you have noticed, the state of Tennessee has new paperwork for vehicle ownership verification. The new forms give the option whether or not to put vehicles on hold through the state. Putting vehicles on hold halts the registration/titling renewal process until the towing company releases such hold/stop.
“The new forms do not take away from the lien holder status of the towing company. In addition to the hold status on the forms, the Tennessee Department of Revenue is now providing an email return service for the information requested. Simply add your email address when filling out the form. By adding the email option, this decreases the time spent in limbo waiting for the information to arrive, making the paperwork process faster and more efficient.
“In addition to these new advances, the Tennessee Tow Truck Association and the Tennessee Department of Revenue are working together to set up an online portal to speed up the process even further.  The Tennessee Tow Truck Association will keep you updated on the progress of the site. In the meantime, for a link to the new form on the DOR website click here.