It Was a Time


Photo Credit: Zac Durant

Last week was just crazy. First a major snow storm (dumping sleet/ice, snow, then sleet/ice again) followed by record-breaking, below-zero temps. Businesses and schools closed. Even postal delivery service was put on hold because of dangerous weather conditions.

It was a time when …

you didn’t have enough employees or equipment to handle everything,

something goes wrong with your equipment,

a fellow tower stopped in at the shop and asked for help with a broken hydraulic hose,

an employee called in and said he couldn’t find a babysitter, and another employee called and said he didn’t have any heat.

It was a time when most customers were understanding about long ETAs … or not. It was a time when it seemed that some customers just didn’t understand that tow operators are human, not robots that can stay in frigid cold for long periods of time.

Some customers also wondered why they needed to shovel or snow-blow their driveways so we could get to their vehicles.

If municipalities were closing and law enforcement was advising people to stay off the roads, did they think it was any safer for towers? It was downright dangerous for them too.

It was a time when understanding from employee’s families was needed because of the long and extra hours my tow operators put in. They were dead on their feet, and still took one more call when asked. It was a time to apologize to some customers because you just couldn’t help them.

Yes, last week was a crazy time for the towing and recovery industry. Mother Nature was brutal for sure.

But now is a time for everyone to say thank you to all the employees for their hard work. They are true heroes of our industry.