Incredible Advancements?


Photo Credit: Miguel Bruna

I recently heard that regardless of careers or the income of working women, they still do more household chores than working men. While there’s been some headway in the parity or represented equality between men and women, have we really made — as one report showed — incredible advancements for women in society, at home and in the workforce?

When I was first married I worked three jobs. Many times I was up until midnight doing bookwork for our business. I not only worked three jobs, I often felt like a single parent bringing up our two children. Operating a 24/7/365-day business meant my husband was working long, hard hours and I felt that because of this, it was my job to take care of the house and kids and not ask him for a lot of help at home.

Looking back, I realize that I too was working long, hard hours trying to juggle everything I was supposed to be and do as a wife, mother, employee, etc.

I was trying to hold it all together while wearing many hats.

My husband wanted me to quit my part-time job at a bank, but I kept working there because – heaven forbid anything would happen to him – I wanted to be able to market myself in the work force.

The towing and recovery industry is male-dominated, but I see a slow change with more tow ladies becoming involved in not only owning their own towing businesses, but having careers as tow operators.

We’ve made some advancements in equality for women in our industry, but are they incredible advancements?

Ladies — don’t be afraid to ask for help with household chores. Men — step it up with helping out at home. Perhaps if we start with parity between men and women at home, it really could bring about incredible advancements. (At least it would shock us if you fold a load of laundry without being asked!)