I’m Impressed


Photo Credit: Chris Liverani

I’m so impressed by each year’s Tow Times Shine ‘n Star winners. I know the truck owners are proud, but the manufacturers of these awesome pieces of equipment should also be proud to have their trucks in the magazine. Added to this are the artists who design the paint scheme, graphics and messages. It shows how the owners take pride by investing in their equipment and accessories. It’s true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. These trucks are rolling billboards for sure.

I really liked some of the judges’ quotes. I know I’d have had a hard time picking out the winners. They mentioned how owners/operators worked hard to make their trucks visually appealing and one judge said:

“We live in a world where sometimes optics makes a difference.”

Another judge stated that each truck “…provides a visual statement that your company is trustworthy, that you are professional and guarantees you will deliver a quality and reliable service to your customer.” Another judge expressed the same thought I had: “…it was clear that each owner/driver displays pride and professionalism in their trade.”

I had to agree with the selection of the truck for the people’s choice award winner. The car carrier had beautiful graphics, but the most outstanding feature was the tribute and memorial to their fallen tow operator and the message,

“Slow down, move over, save a life.”

It doesn’t matter what place each truck came in. In my opinion they are all first-place winners and should be proud of how they’re promoting the professionalism of the towing and recovery industry.