I Did It!


I’m having a wonderful time watching my granddaughter Izzy. She just turned one and is so stinking cute you can’t get mad at her when she’s being sassy. I guess because I’m with her for extended periods of time I notice so much more how she’s growing and learning  — just like my own two children did — but I’m not sure if I enjoyed seeing the milestones in my children’s growth and development in this way. One of the best things I notice are the looks of surprise and Izzy’s smiles and laughter when she learns something new — the look of “I did it!”

How often have you pulled up to a challenging recovery scene and as your brain is beginning to put together a mental checklist of what needs to be done, and then figuring out how it needs to get done, you have an uneasy feeling of not being sure if what you’ve planned will work?

As you’re assessing and imagining the “this will happen if we rig this way,” or “this will happen if we winch this way,” you have law enforcement, employees and others at the scene watching and waiting for you to decide what to do (and you had better hurry it up.)

As you start the recovery, you have feelings of stress, anxiety and perhaps even fear. There are lots of factors that could go wrong, even if you’ve done everything you thought should be done for safety, and are using the best equipment available.

Do you keep your fingers crossed? Or say a little prayer? Well, planned things can and do go wrong, but oh what a feeling when a difficult recovery goes as planned. You feel elated and relieved. You think: “I did it!”

With whatever you’re learning or working at, I’m hoping you all have an “I did it” kind of day.