Florida Roadside Assistance Ranger Injured in Roadside Crash


The driver of a Florida State Farm roadside assistance tow truck and a stranded motorist were involved in a crash on the Howard Franklin Bridge that joins St. Petersburg to Tampa.

Adam Lopez, 29, of Tampa had pulled over to assist a motorist with a disabled vehicle when the approaching driver of a tractor-trailer swerved to avoid the tow truck and disabled vehicle. Attempting to avoid a collision with a tractor-trailer, another vehicle swerved onto the bridge shoulder and struck the State Farm truck, which then struck the disabled vehicle. Both vehicles erupted into flames.

Lopez and a passenger in the disabled vehicle have been hospitalized with serious injuries.

The driver of the tractor-trailer did not stop at the scene. The Florida Highway Patrol asks anyone with information to call 813-559-1800.

A full report can be found on Patch St. Pete, Fla.

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