Did You Hear the One About?


Photo Credit: Johan Mouchet

This time of year can bring a lot of stress to the lives of people in the towing and recovery industry. Mother Nature has a way of changing plans in a matter of hours. It seems when bad weather hits you never have enough tow operators or equipment and it most likely means you’ll miss dinner or a planned event —again. Add in everything on the to-do list for the holidays and attitudes can get pretty ugly. How do you put everything in perspective to save your sanity and keep from taking Excedrin for an excruciating headache?

Leave it to a three-year-old to make you smile when you’re having a bad day. My grandson asked,

“Grandma Geri, do you want to hear a dirty joke?”

I didn’t know what to expect until he followed with “Two pigs fell in the mud – yucka, yucka.” Then he asked, “What do you call a dog in summer? A hot dog – yucka, yucka.” He just laughed and laughed. I think I laughed not because of the jokes (followed by yucka, yucka —where did he hear that?) but because he thought they were so funny.

Next time you feel like your blood pressure is about to explode, think about two pigs in the mud and a hot dog – yucka, yucka.