Children and Trust


The word “trust” came up in a conversation the other day. The person I was talking to said everything in life is held together with trust. While I agree, I would also add “love.”

What comes to your mind when you think of trust? For me, it would mean that I have faith and confidence that someone is dependable and I firmly believe they are reliable. Trust, I believe, is the cornerstone in any relationship.

My daughter took my 16-month-old granddaughter up the giant slide at the state fair this summer. My daughter put my granddaughter down while she put the burlap bag on the slide. She then sat down on the bag and I could see my granddaughter watching her and probably thinking, “What you doing momma?” Then my daughter held out her arms to my granddaughter, my granddaughter trustingly put her arms out and sat on my daughter’s lap, and down they went.

I was a little concerned. I thought my granddaughter would be afraid, and was probably crying as she went down. But to my amazement, at the end of the ride, she got up with a big smile and said, “more, more.” To me, that was a sure sign of trust.

Think about the many people and things you put your trust in every day. For example, you trust the towing equipment you use is reliable, and will do whatever job you’re on.

Trust is knowing things will get done, and when trust is broken or challenged it’s hard to get it back. Start with trusting in yourself — have faith in your abilities, be dependable and reliable, be the person where there is no doubt that someone can depend on you no matter what.


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