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Bad Moods, Bad Jokes and Sunsets

“Bad mood” doesn’t really describe how I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t even like myself right now. I should warn people by putting a DO NOT DISTURB note on my office door. You know when you’re in a bad mood and people try to get you to smile with a bad joke or corny statement? You…

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Children and Trust

The word “trust” came up in a conversation the other day. The person I was talking to said everything in life is held together with trust. While I agree, I would also add “love.” What comes to your mind when you think of trust? For me, it would mean that I have faith and confidence…

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Just Slow Down

There was a horrific incident in Milwaukee this past Monday involving a tractor–trailer and a flatbed tow truck. It was caught on a police squad’s dash cam. I felt physically sick as I watched the tow operator start to open his door, and then close it as he saw in his mirror, the tractor–trailer coming…

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Doing the Right Thing

In the television show What Would You Do?, hidden cameras are used as the show host observes and comments on how people behave when confronted with dilemmas that require them to either take action or just walk away and mind their own business. Various scenarios are created that force people to make split-second decisions such as…

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Red Means Stop

My four-year-old niece was learning about symbols, so when I was in the car driving with her I would point out the golden arches and she would say, “McDonald’s.” Then we would stop at a stoplight and I would say, “red is for …” and she would say “stop.” Then I would say, “yellow is…

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