Mighty MO

Talking about the Holmes 750 is one of my favorite topics because that one wrecker, and its little brother the 600, moved T & R from prewar to postwar with many improvements.

Mechanical Versus Hydraulic

I’ve heard it said that today’s HD operators could not safely and efficiently operate yesterday’s mechanical wreckers.

Less Screen Time

I'm sure by now a lot of you have heard about the new recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) with regard to new...

We Need to Talk

I sometimes struggle when I have to talk to someone about a difficult situation. I'm not sure what to say or how to say...

I Did It!

I'm having a wonderful time watching my granddaughter Izzy. She just turned one and is so stinking cute you can’t get mad at her when...

It’s All About the “W”

I always enjoy  Tow Times magazine articles that feature women involved in the towing and recovery industry. Their March 2019 issue article“Women Make More Inroads into Towing” highlighted three women, or as I refer to them — tow ladies — involved in various aspects of our industry.


Understanding the concept of what it takes to run a 24/7/365 towing and recovery business is not easy for many people. The normal day-to-day...

A Word of Caution

I've been reading about cannabidiol — CBD — oils being used as a natural alternative to pain medicine. According to an article in Work...


I think most people know of the band the Beatles. While I wasn’t quite old enough to be a screaming teenage fan of the British Fab Four, I remember my older sisters loving their music and they couldn’t get enough of any magazine coverage — with pictures of those cute musicians of course — and any TV shows they were on, like their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show and American Bandstand.

We Need to Talk

I sometimes struggle when talking to someone about a difficult situation. I'm not sure what to say or how to say it. It doesn’t...
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