Cards or Bills?


I know the trend today is to not send cards wishing happy holidays to family, friends, colleagues or customers by snail mail, but I can tell you, with what I receive in the mail (snail and email) the other months of the year, I welcome those cards with a smile.

I’m often asked why I mail so many cards. Why spend the money for cards and postage, and take the time to write them and send them out? For me it’s a nice way to connect with people and wish them all the words in the holiday songs – peace, happy, joy, merry and bright, love and laughter. What’s a better message than those?

For me, it’s also a tradition. I hope everyone who receives one of my cards reads the message in it, and before setting it aside knows I’m thinking about them and really wishing them all the best — not only during the holiday season but for the coming new year.

One of the best reasons for receiving a personal card is the never-ending advertising and bills that come in the mail daily.  It gets a little discouraging when you see a bill with a service charge, energy charge, admin fee, compliance and business impact charge along with the standard service fee. It’s like – really? Which would you want to get in the mail – bills and advertising? Or a really nice card?

I know it’s a crazy time of year, but send out some cards. You and the recipient will be glad you did.

Hint to fellow towers: Spend the time to find a nice card for that special someone. Receiving it in person, or by mail, will make that person’s day.

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