Blessing Celebration/Tribute for NRC HIM


We recently added an NRC 60/80SR HIM (Heavy Incident Manager) to our fleet. For many years Bill Jackson has been a huge influence on my desire to seek out training as a professional towing and recovery operator, and cross training with other emergency service agencies.

In 2016 I was offered an opportunity to become an NRC trainer, and for that I feel very thankful. When we were getting this HIM, I asked Bruce Jackson if I could dedicate this unit to his father, Bill Jackson, and he gave us his approval.
We had a blessing celebration on March 12, 2017, which featured the traditional Chinese lion dance, which was extra special to our family as my youngest son, Kolton (age 8), was the head of one of the two lions that performed the blessing.
Kenneth Tom
Advanced Towing & Recovery
Advanced Crane & Rigging
Honolulu, Hawaii
Editor’s Note: The Tow Times April issue featured tributes to the late industry trainer and educator Bill Jackson.