Arizona Congressman Introduces Resolution to Support States’ Move Over Laws


On October 16, 2018 Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs introduced a resolution supporting state “move over” laws,
“While recognizing the risks to all individuals engaged in roadside duty, this resolution especially highlights the underreported dangers faced by the towing industry and expresses support for a ‘National Move Over Law Day,’ ideally to be held the third Saturday in October,’ states a Congressman Biggs press release.
Congressman Biggs released the following statement:
“In 2017, nearly 50 tow truck operators lost their lives in America while performing roadside assistance — a devastating statistic that does not always receive the attention it deserves. These deaths, along with those of police and emergency personnel, are an enormous tragedy. I am happy to see that all 50 states have passed move over laws, and I encourage them to continue educating drivers everywhere to look out for tow truck drivers, first responders and other people assisting on the road.”
With the assistance of Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association’s lobbyist and one of our member’s lobbyist, the language was introduced to Congressman Biggs and he gladly accepted,” writes APTRA executive director Angela Barnett. “This is a win for every responder in the nation and it is a start to creating more awareness for us on the side of the road. There is a lot more to be done, but this is a great start. This date in October falls just weeks shy of — and is a great pre-event to — National TIM Week, which is held this year on November 11-17.”