A Humbling Moment


My husband and I recently attended the wedding of a close towing friend’s son. It was a joyous occasion to celebrate with the family, along with many other towing friends who I call my “towing family.” I looked at the groom and thought, “How did you grow up so fast? It seemed that just a few years ago you and your brothers were just tow-headed little boys.”

During the gathering time before dinner I was approached by another towing friend’s son. I hadn’t seen him in a long time and was surprised to see he was using a walking stick like the kind used by a blind person. He explained that his eyes have not been good for a long time, and he was not able to go out in the tow truck anymore. He said he basically helps out in the shop or office, wherever he can. In his voice I could hear the disappointment of not being able to tow.

He surprised me when he said how much he looked forward to reading my blogs and enjoyed them. That was a very humbling moment.

I’m often surprised at the number of times I’ve met people from all over the country who tell me they look forward to reading my blog.

Writing has been a challenge and a joy for me. I am grateful – and humbled – by the positive feedback, and for that I say thank you.



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