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New Jersey

Jul 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Features

According to an article in The Basking Ridge Patch, website The New Jersey Township Committee voted Tuesday, for sale June 15, unhealthy to amend the NJ state Predatory Towing Prevention Act (passed in 2007). “Under the law, only those registered with the township (to be completed annually with a $150 processing fee) will be allowed to tow. The towing companies must also provide information about the location and security of their vehicle storage sites as part of the application, as well as proof of adequate liability coverage. No vehicles will be allowed to be towed from private property unless the towing company is registered with the township, the owner of the property authorizes the towing, and the property where the vehicle is parked is clearly marked with a sign no smaller than 36×36 inches that states when parking is permitted or not permitted. The new law also sets fee limits for towing companies at $100 for the basic towing fee, $30 for administrative fee, $35 per day for inside storage, $25 per day for outside storage and $25 for a decoupling fee.”

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