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Jul 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Features

Lafayette Tow Truck Driver Accused of Manslaughter Last Year Found Not Guilty

Lafayette, treat Lousiana, more about tow truck driver, price Marshall Guillot, who was involved in a bar fight in February of last year, was found not guilty of manslaughter on Wednesday, September 15, according to a news report.

Guillot was charged with manslaughter in last year’s death of 31-year-old Scott Halter, a commercial driver from Oregon. Halter was found dead inside of his motel room a day after he was involved in the February 2010 bar fight at the Oasis Bar in Hub City.

Officials alleged Halter died of injuries Guillot inflicted on him during the fight. However, Guillot claims he was trying to break up the fight and save a man involved from getting his throat slit, reports state.

In the course of breaking up the fight Guillot was forced to punch Halter in the face, after Guillot claims Halter ignored repeated please by him to back away. Guillot says he inevitably punched Halter after the 6-foot, 175 lb. man had him pinned in a corner, and he swung out to protect himself, according to a report.

The single blow to Halter’s face knocked him out and according to prosecutors led to his death some 14 hours later from a brain bleed.

Guillot and a former police officer, Paul Whitley, who was also involved in trying to break up the fight that night, were able to save Halter’s friend, Cory Finkle, from getting his throat slit by another patron, the report states.

Another commercial driver, 33-year-old James Johnson, who is also implicated in the fight, has been charged with attempted second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing a third individual in the neck during the altercation, according to the report. However efforts to locate Johnson and bring him to trial have proven unsuccessful.

During the trial yesterday after listening to testimony, the eight-woman, four-man jury found Guillot not guilty. The verdict was unanimous.

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