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Beacon Software

DENTED Development Inc.

Ranger SST

Towbook Management Software

TXI Systems, Inc.

VTS Systems (Vehicle Towing and Storage)

Eemerg Roadside Assistance Marketplace

FTI Groups Inc.

Omadi, Inc.


TowTrack Software

Tracker Management Systems

Transportation Information Systems

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Dispatch Anywhere

InTow Software Suite

Ranger Tow Management Solution



VTS Cloud, VTS PC Classic

Eemerg Roadside Assistance Marketplace

sureEcosystem Dispatch

Omadi Core, Omadi Driver

Digital Dispatch


Tracker, TrackerMobile, LotManager, Digital Dispatch

Tow Management Systems


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Todd Althouse

Dennis Thurlow

Jim Shellhaas

Kendall Smith

Nathan Barker

Drew Pestell / Lisa Perez

Whitney McClendon-Gregory

Rachel Blackburn

Tony Fish

Shon Allen

Steve Whitten

John David

Henri Maramis

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877-374-7225 Ext. 2








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Q1: Does your software address the following as standard or add-on features:
-Auction/Public Sale
-Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters
-Fleet Maintenance
-GPS/Vehicle Tracking
-Impound/Storage Lot Management
-Private Property Towing
-Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report

-Accounting – standard
-Auction/Public Sale – Auction list only
-Payroll – standard (commissions)
-Dispatch – standard
-Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters – built in and as add-on TowLien product depending on state and available functionality
-Fleet Maintenance – not available
-GPS/Vehicle Tracking – standard
-Impound/Storage Lot Management – standard
-Private Property Towing – standard
-Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report – standard

-Accounting - yes
-Auction/Public Sale - yes
-Payroll - yes
-Dispatch - yes
-Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters - yes
-Fleet Maintenance – expense tracking and scheduling of maintenance only
-GPS/Vehicle Tracking - yes
-Impound/Storage Lot Management - yes
-Private Property Towing - yes
-Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report - yes

- Accounting - Yes, full functionality including payment application and emailing of statements with a link to Quickbooks for Invoices and Payments
- Auction/Public Sale - Yes, through third-party or company private auction with a bidder's list, vehicle ordering, and Bill of Sale
- Payroll - Yes - commissions only
- Dispatch - Yes, including Visual, Heavy Hauling and Private Property dispatch
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters - Yes - Integration with Auto Data Direct
- Fleet Maintenance - Yes - alerting
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking - Yes - proprietary, fully-integrated solutions
- Impound/Storage Lot Management - Yes
- Private Property Towing - Yes
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report - Yes - Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections

- Accounting -Standard
- Auction/Public Sale -Standard
- Payroll -Standard
- Dispatch -Standard
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters –Standard
- Fleet Maintenance -Standard
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking -Standard
- Impound/Storage Lot Management -Standard
- Private Property Towing –Add-On
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report -Standard

- Accounting – Yes, Onboard or QuickBooks
- Auction/Public Sale - Yes
- Payroll – TOPS® Supports Driver Commissions
- Dispatch - Yes
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters - Yes
- Fleet Maintenance - No
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking - Yes
- Impound/Storage Lot Management - Yes
- Private Property Towing - Yes
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report - Yes

- Accounting - Accounts receivable, driver commission, auto calculations, and reporting, but no accounts payable
- Public Auction/Public Sale - Yes, add-on feature
- Payroll - Yes
- Dispatch - Yes
- Electronic Certified Mail for lien letters - Yes, Fully Automated Process
- Fleet Maintenance - Yes, Part of GPS/Vehicle Tracking
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking -Yes, GPS/Vehicle Tracking add-on feature
- Impound/storage lot management - Yes
- Private Property Towing - Yes
- Vehicle Damage Inspection Report - Yes

-Auction/Public Sale-No
-Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters-No
-Fleet Maintenance-No
-GPS/Vehicle Tracking-Yes
-Impound/Storage Lot Management-No
-Private Property Towing-No
-Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report-No

- Accounting -Yes
- Auction/Public Sale - No
- Payroll -No
- Dispatch - Yes
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters -No
- Fleet Maintenance - Yes
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking - Yes
- Impound/Storage Lot Management -No
- Private Property Towing -No
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report - Yes

- Accounting - Yes
- Auction/Public Sale - Yes
- Payroll - Yes
- Dispatch - YES
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters - YES, through ADD
- Fleet Maintenance - YES
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking - YES
- Impound/Storage Lot Management - YES
- Private Property Towing - YES
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report - YES

- Accounting Yes
- Auction/Public Sale No
- Payroll Yes
- Dispatch Yes
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters No
- Fleet Maintenance Yes
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking Yes
- Impound/Storage Lot Management Yes
- Private Property Towing Yes
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report No

- Accounting - Standard
- Auction/Public Sale - Standard
- Payroll - Driver Commission is handled. Standard
- Dispatch - Standard
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters - N/A
- Fleet Maintenance - Standard
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking - Standard (TomTom integration)
- Impound/Storage Lot Management - Standard
- Private Property Towing - Standard
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report - Custom at no cost

- Accounting Yes
- Auction/Public Sale Yes
- Payroll Yes
- Dispatch Yes
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters Yes
- Fleet Maintenance Yes
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking Yes
- Impound/Storage Lot Management Yes
- Private Property Towing Yes
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report Yes

- Accounting -- Billing, report
- Auction/Public Sale
- Payroll
- Dispatch -- Yes
- Electronic Certified Mail for Lien Letters Fleet Maintenance -- Yes
- GPS/Vehicle Tracking -- Yes
- Impound/Storage Lot Management -- Yes
- Private Property Towing -- Yes
- Vehicle Damage Inspection/Report -- Yes

Q2: Does your software offer online training videos?

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, over 40.

Yes Yes, you can visit our YouTube channel at any time.

Yes Yes

No No. Real-time, personal one-on-one training and support.

YesYes,  In our service provider protagonists we have tutorials for service providers to get better acquainted with the platform. 

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, on

No No

No No. We do live training one on one.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, separate link not in the software.

Q3: Does your software allow for customizing of reports?

Yes Yes, we have over 300 available reports

Yes Yes

Yes Yes
- 35 reporting categories, each with filtering (e.g., by date, time, truck, driver, requested by, division)
- In addition to pre-configured reports, easy customization by users based on their individual preferences
- Special purpose reports such as Stop Reports (drivers "moonlighting"?), Heat Maps - marketing priorities?), Breadcrumb trails (investigation of travel routes), State Mileage Reports (IFTA requirements

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

No No, standard reporting, full customized reporting, coming 2020.

All reports are done through the progressive web app.  There is little to no information needed once you have completed the sign up process.

No No

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Yes Yes. Extensive customization is quick and easy.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, to certain extent.

Q4: Does your software sync with Quickbooks?

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Yes Yes
- For Invoices AND Payments
- With process management tools to review actions before, during, and after the linking process
- Statements can be generated and emailed from Ranger or Quickbooks, as preferred

Yes Yes, QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, VTS PC Classic - VTS CLOUD QB integration, scheduled 2020

Because we handle the service call from start to finish we handle all payment processing. Service providers don’t have any paper work to keep up with.   

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, with accounting module.

No No

Yes Yes, both QB online and QB enterprise versions.



Q5: Please denote how your software fees are structured:
-Initial set-up fee:
-Monthly fee if applicable:
-Volume cost if applicable:
-Update cost if applicable:

Yes Initial set-up fee: none
          Monthly fee if applicable: starts $165
          Volume cost if applicable: volume pricing available with unlimited user option
          Update cost if applicable: included


- FREE trial - no obligation; pre-configured
- Initial set-up fee: Based on complexity of support requested - configuration support (e.g., accounts, pricing) and third-party licenses and hardware used (e.g., GPS units)
- Monthly fee if applicable: After the free period, based on office users, active drivers, and add-on modules
- Volume cost if applicable: Declining rates per user/driver
- Update cost if applicable: None - included with subscription to Ranger TMS service

- Initial set-up fee: $0
- Monthly fee if applicable: $49 -$389/month depending on which plan the client chooses.
- Volume cost if applicable: $99/month for every 1,000 calls over 2,000 calls per month.
- Update cost if applicable: $0

- Initial set-up fee: $300 and up depending on set up needs.
- Monthly fee if applicable: $120 Per Concurrent User. Min $300
- Volume cost if applicable: N/A
- Update cost if applicable: N/A

- Initial set-up fee: No, included in monthly license fee
- Monthly fee if applicable: Yes
- Volume cost if applicable: No
- Update cost if applicable: No

-Initial set-up fee: Free
-Monthly fee if applicable: Free
-Volume cost if applicable: Free
-Update cost if applicable: Free

- Initial set-up fee: $0
- Monthly fee if applicable: $10 per vehicle
- Volume cost if applicable: No
- Update cost if applicable: No

- Initial set-up fee: $0, option custom software configuration billed hourly
- Monthly fee if applicable: $39 per employee
- Volume cost if applicable: Unlimited volume, no extra cost
- Update cost if applicable: No update costs!

- Initial set-up fee: Yes
- Monthly fee if applicable: Yes
- Volume cost if applicable: Yes
- Update cost if applicable: Incl.

- Initial set-up fee: $2400
- Monthly fee if applicable: N/A
- Volume cost if applicable: N/A
- Update cost if applicable: Optional at $700 yr

- Initial set-up fee: None or Product Dependant
- Monthly fee if applicable: Varies by product and user count
- Volume cost if applicable: N/A
- Update cost if applicable: Varies by product

- Initial set-up fee: hardware cost depending on type and option selected
- Monthly fee if applicable: Yes, depending on type and option selected
- Volume cost if applicable: Yes, depending on volume
- Update cost if applicable: Yes, s/w update

Q6: Does your software require a contract?

No No

No No

Service Agreement is provided as it is a benefit to the customer.
- No contract sounds like a convenience, but it places customers at a serious disadvantage - it means the software provider has NO accountability. For example: is the software provider committed (in writing) to providing ongoing access to the software for reporting in the event a customer chooses to terminate the relationship??
- Ranger provides a Service Agreement as a commercial "best practice" to clarify commercial arrangements with customers, including all costs and continuing access to reports. There is NO MINIMUM CONTRACT DURATION - mutual commitment is the goal, but termination is "at will".

No No, we believe in working to keep our clients happy.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, A minimum twelve-month license and mutual nondisclosure agreement, outlines the rights and obligations of both parties, one to the other.

We do have Terms & Conditions that you have to agree to before becoming a service provider with Eemerg.

No No

Yes Yes, standard 12 months.

Yes Yes

No No

No No

Yes Yes

Q7. Does your software charge for multiple users?

Yes Yes, we have per user and unlimited user options

We charge per CPU. You can have as many users setup as you want across the licensed PC’s.

Yes Yes

No No

Yes Yes, but with unlimited transactions.

No No

NoNo, Eemerg does NOT charge for multiple providers on the application.  Our platform is open for companies of all sizes.

No No

Yes Yes

Yes Yes - doesn't charge per truck.

No No

Varies by product and user count.

Yes Yes


Q8: How many days a week is your team readily available to provide live support to your customers?

7 days a week


- System uptime is monitored 24/7 - both by Ranger and the data center. Ranger is a proven web-based (SaaS) solution with 15 years of experience and operational learning (e.g., "glitch" elimination) to deliver high reliability
- User training and support is available on weekdays during normal business hours, and evenings/weekends by appointment
- 24/7 emergency assistance is available when needed via a 24/7 Unified Messaging system

7 days a week and 365 days a year

Live Support 8:30 – 6:00 M-F; On-Call support all other times.

Seven days a week, emergency service on Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays

We provide live support around the clock.  Our customer service representatives are available 24/7.

Five days/week (M-F 8am – 5pm CST)

5, yet varies based on support plans and level[s] of support



7 Days a week, 24 Hours a day.


Q9: What are the business hours on those days that customers can expect to reach your team directly? (this does not include the ability to submit a request via your website or leaving a voicemail)

24/7 for Emergency Support

7am – 7pm

8 AM to 7 PM EST

24 hours per day

Live Support 8:30 – 6:00 M-F

Live support service 8 AM through 10 PM Mondays through Fridays, emergency service, Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays

Our support team is available by 24/7.  We can be reached by emailing and phone at 1-866-247-9989.

8am-5pm CST

Emergency service is 24/7 availability. Standard requests are M-F 9-5 (MST).

5am - 5pm Pacific

9am-5pm EST

Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM ET

M - F 08:00 to 17:00 Pacific

Q10: Are there ANY fees associated with providing support to your customers regarding your product? (i.e. support packages, one-time support fees, etc.) 

No No

Yes Yes under the terms of a support contract. It includes technical support, product updates and VIN/Plate decoding

No No

No No, our support is completely free, there are never any charges associated with servicing our clients.

No No

No No, ongoing customer support, and product training is inclusive in the monthly license fee.

NoCustomer support is completely free and available to all service providers in our network.

No No

No No fees for standard support. Optional custom software configuration is billed hourly.

Yes Yes, included in monthly fee.

Yes Yes. $700/yr

Included with your software purchase

No No


Q11: What steps does your software take to protect proprietary client data?

Allows for provider to determine if they want to share data with a third party such as a motor club.   

It’s a local database.    

- All systems are located in a commercial data center with physical and logical security, and redundant power supply, internet connectivity, and cooling
- Back-up of all data occurs at least nightly
- Disaster Recovery is in place with failover to a different data center in the event of an emergency

Towbook’s technology stack, and our data centers, rely on the latest security technologies available in the market today. Security audits are done periodically to ensure we remain safe. We also utilize programs to continuously search for security threats. We rely on software and internal processes to ensure customer data, client data and user credentials cannot be accessed by 3rd parties.

Customer data is stored on fully redundant, enterprise class storage hardware. All database data is mirrored in real-time to a backup system, and full backups are performed daily. Data security is provided with strong network and disk encryption, and multi-layered network firewalls.

Client and employee personal data is protected by tiered access, company name, employee name, and individual security password.

Our software uses the industry standard for software security.  Maintaining a safe environment for service providers and customers is our top priority.

1. Secure AWS databases for all data
2. Securely dispose of sensitive information
3. No storage of payment or credit card data


Various firewalls, encryption, backup/redundancy

N/A We are not an online program.

At Tracker, we take data protection and security seriously. Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll never sell your information. In addition, we take other provisionary steps to protect our clients data: strong Privacy Policy, we don’t collect and keep what we don’t need (SSN, CC, etc.), multiple layers of security and employee education.

If it's installed on customer's server then customer is responsible protecting the server. If it's from our server then it is protected by our cyber guard system.

Q12: Does your software allow paperless invoicing from a driver in the field to your accounting software?

Yes Yes


Yes Yes
- Mobile application receives required account-specific pricing formulas (e.g., rates, mileage), motor club member limits, and extras with pricing for each call
- The Ranger mobile app calculates the correct price - equipping drivers to accurately collect payment on-scene (including the cash portion for motor club calls), with fully integrated credit card processing (no separate app)
- Drivers can immediately email an invoice to customers, as appropriate (with permission)
- Drivers can collect electronic signatures from customers granting consent for service, acknowledging specific pre-existing damage as noted by the driver, and assuming responsibility for payment

We allow paperless invoicing that can go to their accounting software (i.e. QuickBooks)depending onthe preferences that the manager sets. (pushing invoices automatically, after 24 hours, or manually)

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, in VTS CLOUD a driver can send a paperless invoice to a client, but has no access to corporate financial information

All of our invoicing is done paperless, the customer pays via credit card.  The service providers don’t deal with any of the hassles of invoicing.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

No No

No No

Yes Yes

Yes Yes. Limited feature.


Q13: Please list the motor clubs that your software integrates with.

AAA, Agero/Swoop, Allstate, ISSC/Geico, Road America, Nation Safe Drivers, Quest, Allied, USAC, Gerber, Fleetnet, Pinnacle/Coach-net, IAA, Copart

Allstate, Agero, AXA, Genco, FleetNet, AAA/CAA, Sykes, PDG, Road America, Allied, Nation Safe Drivers, Quest, Tesla, USAC, New Jersey Turnpike, and any customer in your database.

Agero, Allied, GEICO, FleetNet, NSD, Quest, Road America, Tesla, USAC; AAA (one-way)

Digital Integrations:
-Allied Dispatch
-FleetNet America
-Gerber National Claims Services
-NAC (National Auto Club)
-Nation Safe Drivers
-Road America/ Road Canada
-Roadside Protect

Automatic Importing
-AAA/CAA(D3 and D2000)
-American Access Casualty
-Auto Help Line
-AXA Assistance
-CarsArrive Network
-IAAI / Insurance Auto Auction
-Lease Plan USA
-Transit Pros

Agero, Allstate, Geico, Road America, Quest, NSD, ADS, USAC, Tesla, FleetNet

GEICO Atlas, GEICO Legacy, Agero, NSD, Allied Dispatch Solutions, Allstate, Qwest, Road America, USAC, Tesla.

We currently run our own platform and we don’t integrate with any other software but we are working on making partnerships that will help service providers operate smoothly.  The service provider portal is a seamless applications that allows you to run Eemerg effortlessly

1. AAA
2. Allstate
3. American Traveler
4. Agero
5. Coach-Net
6. Geico
7. Nation Safe Drivers
8. National Automobile Club
9. Road America
10. USAC
11. Quest Towing Service

Allstate, Road America, Nation Safe Drivers, Quest, Geico, Allied Dispatch, USAC, Agero


N/A (work in progress)

Allstate, Agero, FleetNet, Geico, Road America, Nation Safe Drivers, Quest, USAC, Allied Dispatch Solutions, Tesla, Roadside Protect



Q14: Does your software offer real-time tracking?


Yes Yes

Yes Yes
- Mapping built on Google Maps with sourcing of GPS data from either the chipsets on the mobile device (Android or Apple with the Ranger mobile app), and/or fixed-in-vehicle GPS units
- Dispatchers have up-to-date visibility to communication connectivity (mobile and GPS), and truck events - e.g., duration of PTO ON, speed, fraud alerts
- Dispatchers can locate customers using their cell phones
- Drivers can enter both job status and other activities to update Dispatch and for reporting - e.g. At shop for repair (On Duty Not Driving)

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, via third-party GPS.

YesEverything on EEMERG is done real-time.  From request, to response, and dispatching this marketplace is completely on demand.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

No No

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Q15: Can your software automatically update customers with ETA, driver photos, etc?

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Yes Yes
- Updates by status can be sent automatically to customers along with the driver picture or company logo
- "Uber-like" tracking of truck progress also available
- Integrated survey available for immediate feedback on customer satisfaction for tracking and immediate problem resolution

Yes Yes, clients can utilize our “” feature for this.

No No

Scheduled release 2020

EEMERG software automatically notify the customer of ETA, Driver information, and contact information once the request has been accepted.

No No, a driver must add these via mobile app in order to be viewed on the web.

Yes Yes, via partners, but not offered natively in Omadi

No No

No No

Yes Yes



Q16: Is your software mobile friendly?

Yes Yes, we have a dispatcher and separate driver app

Yes Yes (a mobile app for remote dispatching and drivers)

Yes Yes
- Drivers receive GPS coordinates as pinpointed in Dispatch for navigation to locations
- Driver navigation can be configured such that restricted truck routes are avoided
- Drivers can Create New Calls themselves from the field using the Ranger mobile app
- Mobile-friendly functionality for Night Dispatch when away from the office
- Specialized mobile applications for drivers, lot management, and relocation/private property enforcement

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Yes Yes. Any Device, anywhere, anytime.

Our progressive web app is very mobile friendly. Through chrome, safari or directly from your mobile interface.  You can access Eemerg on all devices.  

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

No No

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

Q17. Does your software offer an App version for Android? Mac?

Yes Yes, we offer apps for both

Yes Mobile app for dispatching and a driver app.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, both.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes, smart phone app compatible with both android and Mac.

Eemerg Service Provider App can be accessed through the web or by downloading the progressive web app directly to your home screen.  

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

No No


Yes Yes

Web app, not native.


Q18: Best three features?

- Integrated A/R accounting or sync Invoices with Quickbooks Online or Desktop.
- Reporting & Accountability: Over 250 reports available! Measure daily and long-term activity for all employees. User metrics and analytics to driver smart decisions
- Impounds & Liens: Quickly view accrued totals and call detail on existing inventory. Automatically send vehicles to for processing.

-Customizable– InTow Manager is a local database solution, so we can modify reports and features specifically for each customer. We provide an abundance of configuration settings so you can run the software to match how you run your business, not the other way around.
-Ease of use– if you know Windows, you will learn InTow Manager very quickly.
-Speed– as a local database solution that doesn’t depend on internet speeds, the software is very fast, flexible and powerful. 

Simpler: Ranger is easy-to-use, for the full scope of DISPATCHING needs
- Roadside calls - handling "split invoices"; adjusting member limits
- Recoveries with multiple assigned trucks/drivers, each with different rates, commissions, and sometimes billing accounts
- Retows and Swaps with (good/bad) unit numbers
- Relocation - vehicles ready to tow (policy criteria satisfied)
Simpler: Ranger's "Pricing Factory" makes PRICING easy
- Consistent pricing "templates" for accounts
- Pricing "on-the-fly" by dispatchers
- Preparing/sending quotes

- Accessible Anywhere. Towbook was the first fully integrated cloud-based software to hit the towing industry back in 2007, which means that you can access it from anywhereand at any time. Many business owners in this industry are also operators, so it was important for us to besure that they were able to accesstheir software wherethey needed itmost.
- Powerful and Simple. Towbook provides the latest technologiesto towing and roadside companies everywherewithout compromising our user-friendly aesthetic.
- 24/7/365 Customer Support: Every client will receive Towbook’scoveted 24/7 support at NO COST, ever! We believe in our software and not only providing stellar support, but alsoin building lasting relationships with our clients.

Security. TOPS® offers role-based security that is structured on individual security items that give owners and managers complete control over what users can and cannot see and do. Every screen and the majority of data fields contained on those screens can be either partially or completely restricted, or can be viewable, or editable.

Search. TOPS® offers the ability to search on any field or combination of fields on the call record, even if you only have a small portion of the information. You can even search on whether a field HAS information or is blank.

Comprehensive Reliable Software. For over 20 years TOPS® manages all of your towing operations; billing, inventory management, lien documentation, auction management, driver communications, motor club dispatching, municipal interfaces, and GPS tracking all in one software package. TOPS® allows smaller operations to run with integrity and larger companies the flexibility to consolidate or segment as needed.

VTS System provides both a fully automated PC and CLOUD software products. From the moment the phone rings, both PC and CLOUD formats include dispatch, towing, impoundment, automated LEA notification, storage lot management, auction/public sale, and tax office title documentation. And, above all, one-on-one unlimited customer training and support!

1. Fully automated, customized, individual client profiling, including billing and charges. No additional data entry required.

2. Fully automated retrieval and placement of owner, lienholder, and title information from more than thirty-five online state DMV’s.

3. Fully automated on-time, online creation of notification/lien letters, pushed as electronic certified mail cyber documents to the USPS, for conversion to hardcopy mail pieces. Automated tracking and reporting of the process by USPS to the storage lot record, including date received, date mailed, date delivered, article tracking number, and charges. Hard and soft copy documents provided, NO MORE GOING TO THE POST OFFICE

If you are looking for a software that is mobile-friendly, paperless and has real-time dispatching look no further. Eemerg has an on-demand service that is a great addition to any company.  We are accepting new providers nationwide.

- Cost effective and no contract
- Map view of calls, available drivers, and statuses
- Custom pricing and discounts for customers and customizable fields in calls, customer profiles, and invoices
- User role and permissions customization for web and mobile

- Customization - We have uniquely tailored options to support a wide variety of tower needs, while building flexible reports to allow you to keep track of the essential parts of your business.
- Integration - Our Tow-Management Software integrates with larger enterprise customers and the Omadi Network to help you track your work, and get you access to more jobs.
- Support - Extra mile service and training to ensure success.

- Ability to manage any and all calls and seamlessly integrate with commissions to pay and fleet maintenance.
- Integrate with QuickBooks and 11 other accounting packages.
- Technical support response times.

Our ease of use, extremely flexible workflow setup and our ability to customize reports, forms and letters to each individual customers' needs.

1. Ease of Use - Our collection of online videos, user friendly interface, and full help desk team are here to help guide you through the product making it exceptionally easy to get started and continue to use daily. We give you the tools to either learn on your own time or with an account specialist who can guide you through the software.

2. Time Management - All features are built to save time through minimizing clicks and applying automation wherever possible. Track employees performance, dispatch more quickly with mobile apps, and easily receive motor club calls through Digital Dispatch. Quickly find any job from any job criteria using the Recall feature too.

3. Lot Management - our lot management apps allow for on premise lot reporting, our additional app, LotMagager, allows for detailed descriptions of your lots and tools that allow you to track exact vehicle location across all of your yards and divisions.

1. Integrated features to handle dispatch, routing, call status, tracking, inspection, lot management, etc.

2. Ease of use, system of choice for small to medium towing company

3. Customer service

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