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Shine ‘n Star Contest Online Entry Form

If you have questions, first read the FAQ below. Still have a question? Call Nick at 407-706-6735. All entries must adhere to Contest Rules as stated below.
DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: June 30, 2018 • Entries received after that date will be returned unopened.
No email entries will be accepted – enter via mail or online. Winners will be announced in our November 2018 issue.
Duplicate as often as necessary. One form per entry. To download the rules click HERE.

Shine ‘n Star Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I enter more than one truck?
A. Yes, you can enter as many trucks as you like, but you can only enter each truck in one category.
Q. How much does it cost to enter?
A. Entry is FREE, courtesy of contest sponsor Ford Trucks.
Q. My truck won several years ago. Can I re-enter it?
A. No, if your truck previously won a Shine ‘n Star Contest in ANY year, it may not be reentered. However, you can submit other trucks as entries as long as your company did not win the previous year. Companies that win a Shine ‘n Star category must wait one year before entering again.
Q. How do I increase my chances of getting my truck into the Photo Parade in the Tow Times September issue?
A. Photos are randomly selected to appear in our Photo Parade, however, the quality of the photo plays a large part in the selection process. Make sure your photo is clear, a high-resolution quality for print (preferably 300 dpi) and does not show debris or people in the background.
Q. Who judges the contest?
A. Tow Times has commissioned three non-industry related people to judge photos submitted to the contest. Judges submit their ballots independently. Ballots are then combined to determine the winners.
Q. How do I enter my trucks?
A. There are three ways to enter:

  1. Complete an entry form from Tow Times  magazine (or a promotional flyer) and mail it, along with a photo of your truck, to: Shine ‘n Star Contest • 203 West SR 434 • Winter Springs FL 32708. You must submit one entry form for each truck.
  2. Download an entry form from and mail it along with a photo of your truck to: Shine ‘n Star Contest • 203 West SR 434 • Winter Springs FL 32708. You must submit one entry form for each truck.
  3. Submit your entry online below. Just follow the directions.