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Wonder Women

Sep 8th, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

My niece just turned six and was excited to show me a new shirt that was a birthday present from her mom. Emblazoned on the front was a big “W.” She explained it was for the superhero Wonder Woman – the comic book hero from the Justice League and the character of a new movie. I had to laugh at her excitement and thought, “this little one will be a wonder woman one day.”

I belong to the Women of the Towing and Recovery Association of America – WTRAA.  The association’s motto is It’s all about the W – the women members. I believe all women involved in the towing and recovery industry are wonder women. While we might not have superhero qualities or abilities, we definitely are super and a hero to many.

If we list all the roles we have I think we’ll find we definitely could wear with pride a shirt with a big “W” on the front. I think as women of towing we wonder where we will find the strength to carry on, to lift our heads high, smile when we feel pain or sorrow, to always be there for others. It’s just what we do – everyday heroes.

I know I don’t get up every day to be a warrior and save the day, but I know I can do a lot of things with the help and strength of my women towing friends. As we face nature’s brutal weather – hurricanes, floods, winds and fire – and the everyday challenges of life, let’s not forget as women in the towing and recovery industry, it’s no wonder we are women of wonder and can and should call ourselves wonder women.