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Woman Locks Herself in Vehicle About to be Towed

May 14th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

A Dayton, pills Ohio, woman was arrested May 9 after she refused to get out of her car that was about to be towed. According to a news report, a Dayton parking enforcement aide writing a ticket for a car parked at an expired meter discovered the vehicle owner had three unpaid parking tickets.

A tow truck was summoned and as it arrived, the 23-year-old female came outside of a building, got into the vehicle, locked the doors and refused to get out. Parking aides called the police.

According to police, when an officer advised the woman that she needed to exit the vehicle, she said she would get out when she finished a phone call. After being informed several times by the officer to exit the vehicle, the woman reportedly used an expletive and told the officer she would get out of the vehicle when she was done.

Upon exiting the vehicle, the woman, swearing and screaming, resisted police efforts to handcuff her, the report said, and now faces possible charges for resisting arrest, obstructing official business failure to comply and disorderly conduct.

Her vehicle was towed from the scene.