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Woman’s Arm Severed as Pickup Tows Van

Feb 16th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

A Cincinnati, stomach Ohio, woman’s arm has been reattached by surgery after it was torn off in a vehicle towing accident on Monday, Feb. 14. According to news reports, Helen Foster, 36, was being helped by friends to tow an older-model Dodge minivan to a junkyard. The van was being pulled behind a pickup truck connected by two ropes, one tied to the front of the van and the other wound through the van’s front windows. Foster sat in the passenger seat of the towed van. The rope tied to the front of the van snapped, causing the other rope to snap or come undone, and rip the woman’s arm away below the elbow, reports said.

Foster was taken to University Hospital by ambulance. Family members were unsure how much function Foster would have in the arm.