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Wisconsin Towing Operator Notes Non-Compliance with Move Over Law

Oct 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: National News

Sean Klessig of Whealon Towing & Service Inc. in Fond du Lac, buy more about Wisconsin, page is in the news with doubts of how well Wisconsin drivers are complying with the state’s Move Over law. In an article on the website of The Northwestern of Oshkosh, side effects Wisconsin, the 14-year towing operator says drivers do not know about the law, or are uninterested in compliance.

According to the article, the Move Over law received a good deal of publicity when a Fond du Lac County Highway Department worker was killed in 2003 while working in a Highway 41 work zone. Two highway workers were killed in March 2006 while working on Highway 41 shoulder repairs, the article said.

Wisconsin’s Move Over law includes tow truck operators, along with police, fire, EMT and highway workers. On the first violation of the law drivers are fined $175.30 and three demerit points. A driver committing a second offense within one year can receive a fine of $213.10 and three additional demerit points, the article said.

Klessig said he sees numerous traffic violations in a typical 15-minute stop, and reasons drivers do not heed the Move Over law could be that they are unaware, or are aware and do not care until they receive a citation. Klessig also noted that motorists may not respect the red and yellow lights on tow trucks, and in his experiences, semi truck drivers seem to obey the law more than motorists in cars.