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Why Join Your State Association?

Aug 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Last year the Wisconsin Towing Association celebrated 45 years. The motto was “45 Years of Towing Pride.” I worked on the 40th and the 45th anniversary celebration and learned a lot going through old minutes, health letters, viagra 60mg announcements, visit web etc., from the archives. Thank goodness our state director was wise enough to save all of these important documents as they told the history of our association.

What struck me as I was going through those documents was the fact towers from 1967 had the same concerns and challenges as the towers of today. An introduction letter to operators of towing and wrecking services to join the newly-formed Association was sent out and began with “Are you satisfied with your present business? Are you interested in protecting your investment? Are you anxious to work with your fellow operators in improving the conditions in the towing service industry? If you are, you will be anxious to attend a special meeting scheduled as follows…”

I just received the August 2013 Tow Times issue with an invitation to attend the Tennessee Tow Show. Along with the Tennessee Tow Truck Association, the Alabama Towing and Recovery Association and the Towing and Recovery Association of Georgia will be participating. The magazine also has an article titled “Meet the Tennessee Tow Show Players” which gives a brief outline of what each association is doing for their members.

All of these towing associations are dedicated to educating tow operators and related companies with up-to-date industry legislation and interests, promoting the professionalism of the towing and recovery industry and working with law enforcement agencies to improve the safety on our roadways. They all want their members to succeed and be successful.

The article stated: “consultants say 85 percent of all business failures occur in firms that are not members of their industry trade association.” That statistic alone should get you to join your state towing association, but I think the motto of the members of the newly-formed Wisconsin Towing Service Operators Association Inc. of 1967 said it all: There is great strength when all towers pull together.