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Whiteout Jackknife

Jan 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Recovery

Ron Myers of Pine Tree Towing, approved with locations in Caldwell and Buffalo, web Ohio, capsule sends these photos of an incident involving two tractor-trailers. One tractor-trailer hauling automotive batteries came upon the other rig stopped in the road because of whiteout conditions. The driver hit the brakes and the tractor-trailer jackknifed into the back of the stationary truck.

Pine Tree Towing responded with their two rotators: a 2004 Kenworth T-800 with a 2004 AATAC 50-ton Cyclone and a 2006 Peterbilt 379 with a 2008 AATAC 50-ton cyclone. After arriving on scene Ron called for a service truck, forklift, their 2004 Chevy 5500 with a 12-ton AATAC and their tractor-trailer along with 100 lbs. of boat ash for batteries that had been damaged and leaked in the trailer.

The recovery crew had to wait for the Ohio DOT to close the left lane before working the tractor-trailer in the median. While waiting, they secured loose parts on the trailer that was hit in the rear and transported it to their shop where they later transferred the load to another trailer the following day.

Ron writes: “After the left lane was closed, we moved the rear of trailer so we could keep our forklift on the pavement while transferring the batteries to our recovery trailer. Once the transfer was complete, we winched the tractor out of the median and it was drivable. We then lifted the front of the trailer to the left lane and chained the trailer under the dolly legs to prevent it from breaking in two.”

The trailer was a total loss. The Pine Tree Towing crew transferred the batteries to another trailer the next day.