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When the Buck Doesn’t Stop Here

Dec 14th, 2012 | By | Category: Spotlight

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Both parties lose when car and deer collide. This year, some 1.5 million drivers will hit deer, and the upcoming cold weather months are peak season for deer-vehicle crashes. Drivers can avoid an accident with a buck – and spending lots of bucks on the damage – by following some smart driving tips this fall and winter.

Deer crashes result in at least $1.1 billion a year in vehicle damage, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. On average, the collisions cost $2,800 per insurance claim and up to $10,000 if there is injury to the driver or a passenger, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

And the risks aren’t just in rural areas. The top states for deer-related accidents range throughout the eastern half of the country, and such hits are no longer limited to rural areas. The top 10 deer-danger states are:

1. Pennsylvania

2. Michigan

3. Illinois

4. Ohio

5. Georgia

6. Minnesota

7. Virginia

8. Indiana

9. Texas

10. Wisconsin

As migration and mating season hit full swing the dangers rise, making October through December the most treacherous months on the road where deer are concerned.