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What’s Your Futureview?

Jan 17th, 2014 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri Roskpf PhotoGenerally, viagra 100mg most people don’t like change. I could use a change in my surroundings of cold temps and white snow. A nice, sunny beach sounds really good about now.

I think the change people don’t like is when you don’t see something coming — “out of nowhere.” I recently read an article by Daniel Burrus who said: “Use change as an opportunity for growth rather than a crisis to be managed.”

He stated there are two types of change that you can use to see the future accurately. Cyclical changes are like weather cycles, biological cycles or business cycles. Cycles are everywhere; we just need to be aware of them.

The second is linear change. It’s one-way change with many predictable consequences. Mr. Burrus gave this example: once you get a smart phone, you’re not going to go back to a dumb phone. I guess this is one change I need to do – I still have the dumb phone.

He also said: “When you determine what cycles your experience in your business as well as what linear changes have been happening, you can turn the predictable changes into an advantage. That’s how you can be anticipatory and turn much of today’s uncertainty into certainty.”

He noted certainties fall into two categories: Hard Trends and Soft Trends. “A Hard Trend is a projection based on measurable, tangible and fully predictable facts. A Soft Trend is a trend that “might” happen. That means you can change or influence a Soft Trend.”

Being able to tell the difference between the two will enable your business to transform its culture into one that profits from change, uncertainty and trends.

He suggested making a list of all the Hard Trends that are taking place in our industry so you know what you can be certain about and then make a list of the Soft Trends, so you can see what you can change or influence.

Change is going to happen in all aspects of our lives. How we view the future shapes how we act today and how we act today shapes our future. Our “futureview” becomes the future you. I don’t know about the changes in my business, but my “futureview” is still a sunny beach someday soon.