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What’s Killing Your Productivity?

Mar 22nd, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

The following is a list from a survey of productivity killers for professionals. Any of these sound familiar?

Ranked lowest to highest:

Getting caught up in bureaucracy/red tape – 8%

Talking on cell phone/texting – 10%

Social networking – 11%

Travel time/commuting – 13%

Non-business related conversations – 16%

Too many meetings – 18%

Procrastination – 19%

Watching TV – 26%

Surfing the Internet – 27%

Email – 33%

The Wall Street Journal noted that the average American businessperson loses almost 40 hours a year in productivity searching for lost and misplaced items from messy desks and files.

Guess it’s time I start looking at what or who is killing my productivity at work and at home, cheapest and start focusing on activities that provide more value in my life.

I know my office and desk need a good spring cleaning, and one of these days when the weather gets warmer I’ll really feel in the mood and get right on it. Oops — procrastination — a productivity killer!


Okay, I’ll start right after I research cleaning tips on the Internet and check my emails.

Hmm … just doesn’t seem like I’m making headway here …