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What Would You Do?

Oct 27th, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

There’s a popular TV show hosted by John Quinones titled What Would You Do?  Hidden cameras capture people’s reactions to situations such as someone parking a car and hitting another parked car, and asking bystanders to not say anything to the owner of the parked car. The person who hit the parked car is an actor, and the bystanders don’t know they’re being recorded. Then the question is, as a bystander, what would you do?

For the most part, people react positively to do the right thing, but sometimes they just don’t want to get involved. Mr. Quinones interviews the people afterward to ask why they reacted like they did. It’s interesting to hear what people have to say as for the “why” they reacted like they did.

I think the best part of the show is that bystanders don’t know they’re being recorded and their reactions are genuine. In today’s world, with so many smart phones with cameras and video-recording capability, we all need to be aware of how we react to situations — as if we are being watched, recorded or having our pictures taken.

While this may seem like an invasion of privacy — and in some cases it most certainly is — it shows us that, as towers, we need to be prepared. You are faced with a very angry and frustrated customer who is just letting you have it. You arrive at an accident scene and get “the look” from the officer of what took you so long? Someone has towing insurance on their Ford Taurus, but you are towing their Subaru Forester and they ask you to change the invoice.

Every day we’re called out to many situations about which we have basic information, and when we arrive on scene we find a whole lot more. Do the right thing, the question of what would you do, won’t be a problem.