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Water Recovery — Teaming Up with a River Recovery Boat

Oct 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Recovery

Submitted by Charleston Auto Towing and Recovery, Charleston, W. Va.

After a recent water recovery in the Kanawha River, Charleston Auto Towing and Recovery was recommended by the Charleston police department to the Kanawha County Sheriff to recover another vehicle in the water.

The car had plunged into the river at a local boat launch ramp and washed approximately 150 yards downstream and about 100 feet from the shore before coming to rest in approximately 20 feet of water.

The location of the vehicle made it impossible to reach with a wrecker, so we called in our river salvage recovery boat with Captain Bob Darian at the wheel. The boat is equipped with a set of float bags, air compressor, jib crane and various recovery hooks and chains.

Divers placed air bags in the car, Bob fired up the compressor and the car floated to the surface. Once at the surface we attached tow straps and towed the floating vehicle upriver where it could be reached with our 50-ton Jerr-Dan wrecker. Our operators, Justin “Pune” Haynes and Dave “Jersey” Puch, lifted the car out of the water and removed the air bags.

After a few minutes of draining, the car was loaded onto our F-650 and transported to our shop for storage.