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Washington State Bill Would Reimburse Towing Companies for Abandoned RVs

Feb 24th, 2017 | By | Category: Spotlight

A bill currently proposed in the Washington state Senate would provide towing companies partial reimbursement for expenses incurred from towing abandoned recreational vehicles. Senate Bill 5735 would also establish a system for cities and counties to dispose of abandoned recreational vehicles.

Sponsored by Sen. Curtis King, R-Yakima and Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, the bill seeks to ease the burden on towing companies that must dispose of abandoned RVs in their storage lots, which is a growing problem says Paul Bressi, owner of Nisqually Automotive and Towing in Olympia, Wash., noting that poor, if any, resale value and contamination issues discourage many wrecking yards from accepting abandoned recreational vehicles.

Although Bill 5735 is in the Washington state Senate, its purpose should be replicated in similar bills across the nation, says Mike Seamon, executive director of the Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida. “Towing operators and associations across the country need to support similar legislation in their states,” he says, noting that when legislation is proposed, legislators will typically request related information such as statistics on recreational vehicle abandonment in their state, budgeting cost estimates, and so on.

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