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Vulcan Introduces its PolyBilt Body for Heavy Integrated Units

Apr 28th, 2011 | By | Category: New Products

Vulcan has introduced a new rugged, durable PolyBilt body option available for V-50, V-70 and V-100 heavy-duty integrated towing and recovery units. For five years, this new PolyBilt body underwent extensive testing in freezing cold and scorching hot climates, in extreme recovery situations and in heavy towing applications.

The PolyBilt body features high-quality ROM brushed-aluminum roll-up doors with remote locks, adjustable poly shelves and a variety of built-in storage systems for towing and recovery attachments. The PolyBilt body provides rust and corrosion resistance in severe weather conditions and is tough enough to slam with a hammer. PolyBilt’s manufacturing procedures and materials are used extensively in fire and rescue applications.

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