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Volume 4 Number 4

Mar 7th, 2014 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockCleaning out boxes stored in the attic we found pictures, sale scrapbooks and yes, visit this a Tow Times magazine that brought the past alive. That magazine gave us a glimpse into the past of T & R some 27 years ago. For example:

The cover was a picture of a Texas wrecker called the Chaparral. While it never went into production, the prototype caused a lot of interest. And, it made me proud as well because this was a very small company with a big dream. (Pages eight and nine tell more of the story as penned by this writer.)

The inside of the front cover was a full-page ad from Challenger Wrecker of Elkhart, Indiana, which exists today as a name under Miller Industries.

Turning the pages, Chevron had an ad and they too are now another name under Miller.

On page six John L. Hawkins, Senior Editor, talks about Safety Rules.

Hubbard was offering their 30T, three-stage hydraulic for $49,995.

Earl was taking wrecker pictures he called “good photography call Earl.”

Southern Wrecker Sales had a full-page ad with Creed Byrd at the helm and a flock of little Byrds including Dennis, Ken, Beverly and J. D. But, Hal Hollowell and VP Gene McKinney were also pictured along with a dozen others.

On page 12, Geoff Russell looked little more than a teenager.

Earl Buske/Nomar had a full-page ad that featured their Body Guard Wheel Lift.

Dave Jaeger had something to say as he was TT Technical Editor.

Frank Peterson introduced his new “Scoop” and the Women in Towing was Judy Alexander from Spokane.

On page 24, the Tow Times Awards for 1986 went to Malcolm Services, Cortez Brothers, Redmon’s Towing, Ken Megil, Bob Halprin and Gail Gratzianna.

And, the centerfold went to Jerr-Dan Central from Cincinnatti.

There’s more, but I’m out of space so, maybe next time.