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Vigil and Procession Held for Deceased Colorado Tow Truck Driver

Feb 26th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

Hundreds of tow truck drivers, this site family members and citizens of the Colorado Springs area mourned the death of Allen Rose Thursday night, dosage Feb. 24, according to news reports.

Parts of Murray Blvd. and Platte Ave. were closed for the vigil, and the mourners gathered at the spot where the incident began. The trucks planned a procession down the road, from the beginning of the accident to the end where Rose’s body was found.

Many held roses, some candles, others purple, pink and white tulips. Most were in tears, reports state. Many came to view the monument of red, blue, orange and white flowers dedicated to the tower, and others handed checks and cash to John Stellabotte, and others collecting donations for the family. A memorial fund has been set up for the family at Key Bank. As dusk fell, the drivers began honking their horns in mourning, reports state.

Rose, 35, died Wednesday while trying to tow an illegally parked SUV from an apartment complex. The owner of the vehicle ran and jumped into the SUV while he was in the middle of working the cables and sped off. Rose’s leg became tangled in the cable and he was dragged behind the woman for over a mile. Officials found his body about 14 blocks from the apartment complex.

Officials are investigating the incident, but the woman, who will not be identified, has not been arrested. According to a report, citizens said she was a juvenile.

Rose was a married father of two and an Iraq War veteran who saw several tours. He was president of the Pikes Peak chapter of the Towing and Recovery Professionals of Colorado.